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How do I best grow and align leadership to provide the direction and alignment that drives the organization to produce strong business results and sustainable growth? Learn more>

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How do I enable leadership in the businesses we have to outperform our competition?
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Leadership In Tough Times offers eight rich, provocative and insightful viewpoints from leaders in a variety of industries, including media, banking, insurance, clean technology, food, transportation, architecture design, and economic development.

Collective Leadership Drives Sustainable Growth
The first decade of the 21st century taught us that the world is flat and fraught with peril. The new certainty is uncertainty. And there's so much that executives and entrepreneurs simply can't control as they seek to create value, accelerate growth and sustain high performance within their companies and throughout the global marketplace.

Leadership Lost and Found

The President's lost-and-found leadership is extremely instructive for CEO's in companies of all sizes, and in industries across the board. To be sure, if you run an organization, you know that, despite your very best efforts, your leadership somehow manages to ebb and flow as the quarters and fiscal years unfold. Sometimes, for example, you hear your inner leadership voice speaking loudly and clearly; and other times, for some inexplicable reason, it's muted – or silent.

Our clients' success is our ultimate measure and greatest impact. We partner with CEOs, executives, and their teams to help them identify the real issues that are impeding their desired performance and the right opportunities that could facilitate their sustainable growth.

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