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responsibility for leadership starts at the top

About ConvergencyPartners

ConvergencyPartners collaborates with top business teams on Leadership, Culture and Strategy to accelerate and sustain business performance. We work to help transform our client businesses and create increasingly convergent companies—what we refer to as high-performing, self-sustaining organizations that possess the awareness and know-how to continually grow and exceed business goals.

A ConvergentCompany™ behaves different. Its energy is more distinctive than others; it aligns and powers the full capability of the organization to achieve sustainable results. This starts with the CEO and their top team—getting the relationships and alignment right at the top, leading by example and inspiring the collective organization to behave in kind and realize what is possible.

We have been successful working across multiple industries and company sizes—including not-for-profit and government and have assisted global clients in the technology, financial services, consumer products, design architecture, construction, manufacturing, retail, insurance and food processing categories.

In today’s business environment, almost every business is going through a major transition and in some cases a transformation. That's why our work with clients often centers around the most critical work such as: operationalizing leadership performance, creating organization engagement, aligning strategy to execution, ensuring the value from mergers and acquisitions, embedding innovation into culture, expansion into new sectors or markets and more.

Regardless of industry, there is one thing we know for sure—business transformation will happen whether you guide it intentionally or not; it is deep and challenging work that requires courage and commitment. At ConvergencyPartners our commitment is to help you learn how to lead, perform, grow and sustain your desired business outcomes in a convergent way.

Our Vision and Mission our shared values Our Highest Purpose

Our Shared Values

Trustworthy: Sharing vision, wisdom and knowledge to form a reliable point of view that serves to help our clients lengthen and broaden their horizons. We can be counted on to maintain the client organization’s best interests at heart, and we can be trusted to do the next right thing.

: Saying what we mean and doing what we say when we say we are going to do it. Showing up at our best in every interaction to help clients be who they can be and behave in a way that is uniquely theirs.

Connected Relationship: We build and maintain a shared awareness and alignment with clients, which leads to synergistic ways of working and creating outcomes. We hold an inclusive stance of openness to shed light on the system itself, gaining access to all the voices in the system, particularly those that reside in the margin.

Lasting Impact: Leaping ahead with our clients to indicate or point toward their highest possibility, and taking clients where they need to go next. We leave behind ways of being and doing to create sustainability long after we are gone.

Like No Other: We do our work in a way that is uniquely ours - what we know, what we do, how we do it, who we are, and what we stand for.

Courage: We are willing to compassionately say what is so when it is so in service to the growth of the individual, the collective and ourselves.


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