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Our Unique Approach
The Visible Horizon

The Visible Horizon™ is a metaphor for finding one's way through obstacles by discovering the means to focus on the future.  Having a great strategy and company culture are not enough to create a business that generates sustainable results. Leadership that aligns the right capabilities with the most critical priorities is crucial. This convergence of capabilities and work is essential. Only a convergent company – one whose collective leadership pursues the future with a sense of possibility and clear direction can thrive in the complexity of today’s market and create the sustainable results necessary to outpace its competitors. The fundamental driver of success is leadership – without it, corporate culture drifts and strategic performance is sub-optimized.

The product of 25 years of engagement with some of the best companies in the world, Visible Horizon™ is the ConvergencyPartners distinct and proven approach that, in partnership with our clients, guides them to a higher level of business performance.

Our insight, a flexible process, a variety of assessment tools, proven frameworks and deep analytics, support The Visible Horizon™ approach. The outcome is a leadership team that brings a competitive distinction to its business by stepping into its role in a fundamentally different way and delivering differentiated results.

Top leaders who are willing to look critically at their unique responsibility, analyze and develop their individual and collective strengths and weaknesses, and then take action are the ones that succeed. Using Visible Horizon™ as the overarching approach, and working in partnership with you and your executive team, ConvergencyPartners helps executives realize their own potential and the potential of the organizations they lead.


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ConvergencyPartners is highly experienced in understanding how transformation happens.  Through our approach of co-creating solutions together with our clients, we step into the work fully leveraging the knowledge they have of their business, company and market; and we combine this with our expertise in leadership, culture, strategy and change.  This collaboration creates synergy and a solution what wouldn't have been possible otherwise.  The result:  our clients will experience the impact of their work with ConvergencyPartners long after we are gone.
Our approach: we engage our clients, business partners and our own team to work together to unlock new opportunities and execute them collectively.  Co-creation is a natural evolution of collaboration and represents a seismic shift from industrial age thinking to a people engagement mindset.

Co-creation is core to our clients success and, ultimately, to the success of our business. First, we believe that our clients have all the necessary intellectual capital and experience to solve a large majority of their issues and lever new opportunities.  Second, we believe that our greatest impact, in the moment and over time, is to share in the responsibility that keeps the learning that comes with any of our work within the company. A large part of our responsibility is to educate in a manner that makes it easy for our clients to expand their experience through the work that we engage in together.  Strengthening an organization’s ultimate capability is what matters most to leaders, employees and other stakeholders.


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