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The Visible Horizon

The Visible Horizon™ is a metaphor for finding one's way through obstacles by discovering the means to focus on the future.  Having a great strategy and company culture are not enough to create a business that generates sustainable results. Leadership that aligns the right capabilities with the most critical priorities is crucial. This convergence of capabilities and work is essential. Only a convergent company – one whose collective leadership pursues the future with a sense of possibility and clear direction can thrive in the complexity of today’s market and create the sustainable results necessary to outpace its competitors. The fundamental driver of success is leadership – without it, corporate culture drifts and strategic performance is sub-optimized.

The product of 25 years of engagement with some of the best companies in the world, Visible Horizon™ is the ConvergencyPartners distinct and proven approach that, in partnership with our clients, guides them to a higher level of business performance.

Our insight, a flexible process, a variety of assessment tools, proven frameworks and deep analytics, support The Visible Horizon™ approach. The outcome is a leadership team that brings a competitive distinction to its business by stepping into its role in a fundamentally different way and delivering differentiated results.

Top leaders who are willing to look critically at their unique responsibility, analyze and develop their individual and collective strengths and weaknesses, and then take action are the ones that succeed. Using Visible Horizon™ as the overarching approach, and working in partnership with you and your executive team, ConvergencyPartners helps executives realize their own potential and the potential of the organizations they lead.

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The notion of convergence for ConvergencyPartners represents a foundational belief that we demonstrate with our clients to create unique, differentiated and sustainable solutions. It is the belief that our client's most important work in leadership, culture and strategy can follow a sequence of small and large transformations that come to the same outcome no matter what order they are performed in.  Hence, the client can start work where they have the most energy, and if they hold the transformational elements as one, the right change will happen for the company.

The creative process by which we work with our clients to ignite a "converged" outcome may merge and innovate historically distinctive capabilities and technologies into a new form requiring new approaches, new practices, new business models and new solutions and products.  Our ability to achieve this convergence of leadership, culture and strategy enables our clients to create and add a firm, unique and sustainable set of solutions to their complex strategic issues and opportunities that otherwise would not have been able to be accomplished.

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