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Convergence Overview

It is evident from the body of literature, strong and consistent anecdotal evidence and ConvergencyPartners’ experience that leadership, culture and strategy and their synergy together are the necessary conditions for realizing and maintaining superior organizational performance.
Leadership in all its forms, is viewed as a very powerful and the critical component in the relationship with culture and strategy.

Is this collective melding of leadership, culture and strategy difficult?  Yes, without question.  And, we offer c-level executives our profound empathy as they try to confront – and master – one of the most complex business environments imaginable today.

But here’s the truth: very few senior leaders can deal easily with this degree of unprecedented commercial intricacy. It takes unparalleled courage and experience. Still, every executive must deal with it. There’s no choice, no excuse, and no outs or off-loading.

So, “seeing” the visible horizon, making it real for people by architecting the organization for sustainable growth – and doing so with deep understanding and super-refined emotional capacity channeled to successfully integrate and link leadership, culture and strategy.  This is the only way to master and manage the complexity.  And it’s the only way to make things work in what many would call our broken society – a society in which people desperately yearn for competence at the top.

The bottom line, then, is that leadership is the primary root cause for both positive and negative outcomes related to business performance.  We need to double down on collective leadership in both the public and private sectors.  If we can’t get our leaders to step up, guide us, and collaborate, we’re going to continue to bump along a rutted road.

The lynchpin and critical term in the entire equation is the vision, courage, discipline and persistence of the company’s CEO.  The CEO can act to moderate and even suppress a company’s performance in the same way he or she can act to improve and accelerate a company’s culture to perform.  By embracing collective transformative leadership and team accountability at the top, and choosing the top team on the basis of highly effective working relationships and their individual ability to understand the importance of linking, aligning and integrating these three elements along with strong governance, the CEO can “ignite the possibities” of the entire organization to fulfill its potential and thus achieve its strategy and at the same time concentrate on the “how” as much as the “what”.  Or, that CEO can avoid managing for the relationships and intra-accountability amongst the top team and quietly provide the “status quo” to the subsequent effects on performance and goal realization. In the end, it’s about a choice; making the right choice and having the stamina, resilience and perseverance to see it through – it shouldn’t be that hard – after all, isn’t it just behavior!

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Words From Our Clients

  • "They always keep their commitments – I can trust that if there is work to be done, it will be on my desk when promised; seasoned practitioners who can contribute immediately from within the business."
  • "They keep us out of the weeds, and had the patience to push us and that it wasn’t about getting all the problems fixed today, it was about where we were taking our company."
  • "It was amazing how they involved a large part of the organization in the planning, I don’t think we would have achieved this without their help."
  • "They push me to think differently, they challenge me to be better and bring edge to the work we are doing; the consultants are terrific and the support team is terrific, they make us feel comfortable doing work with them."
  • "Their co-creative approach to our strategy had a wide level of participation, we now have a much better plan with buy-in from across our company."


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