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Culture Overview

Culture is the backdrop for the beliefs, attitudes and behaviors within an organization and is the primary driver for its performance. ConvergencyPartners teams with business leaders to ensure that they are appropriately intentional about Culture, and that they understand how to leverage aspects of their culture to support and achieve business results.

Our work in Culture aligns individuals, teams and the entire organization to the values that are driving the business. When the leadership team truly understands the underlying motivations of its people, it can achieve a cohesive organization that yields sustainable growth.

Our Culture and Values services include:

Cultural Effectiveness: an assessment tool designed to: diagnose culture gaps; drive cultural alignment for sustainable organizational performance; create clarity for Leadership to intentionally shape Culture; and deliver a roadmap design for cultural change that is linked to the business strategy.

Values Alignment: a process in which we partner with you to drive articulation of a “true” value system that lives within the Culture, while also aligning values with the strategic needs of the business in order to drive organizational performance.

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ConvergentProfiler for Organization Alignment ConvergentProfiler for Organization Culture values alignment exercise

ConvergentProfiler™ for Organization Alignment

The ConvergentProfiler for Organization Alignment is focused on all employees and their perceptions of Leadership and the climate of the organization. The dimensions measured in this survey— Engaging, Aligning and Achieving—assess employees’ attitudes and opinions as well as a measurement of how all employees experience the organization.

As an outcome, this assessment helps identify alignment gaps and opportunities that exist between employees’ perceptions of the organizational climate and senior management’s goals and long-term vision for success.

When you look at your organization, consider this:

  • Are your employees aligned with the mission and vision of the leadership team?
  • Is your organization as engaged and productive as it could be?
  • Do your people have the right level of engagement on the right stuff?
  • Can your organization adapt quickly in order compete and stay relevant?

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