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Leadership Overview

Our experience tells us that executives must recognize the mandate that is uniquely theirs—to define and connect with their collective leadership vision and capabilities. This is the single most important ingredient required for realizing business performance. At ConvergencyPartners, Leadership is central to all of our offerings, acting as the guiding force for enabling human capital to innovate, grow and sustain business results.

Our Leadership and Organization services include:

Top Team Performance: an improvement approach and methodology designed to align and leverage the full capability of the most senior leaders in an organization in order to establish a foundation for achieving sustainable and superior results.

People Capability & Talent Innovation: an alignment approach of talent strategies with the business strategies; tailored value propositions for talent segments; identification and closing of critical talent gaps; and realignment of talent models across the employee lifecycle.

Executive Assessment & Development: succession planning for the CEO and Top Team; CEO transition; executive development and ongoing coaching; senior talent assessment from mergers and acquisitions; and realignment of strategic talent requirements to account for business shifts.

Corporate Governance: creation of a new corporate governance framework that focuses on value creation and decision making; creating accountability and measuring performance; and creating cohesiveness among management and board members.

Organization Design: assessment of current organizational model and measurement system, enabling the organization to bring its value proposition to life through new hard and soft structures that anchor and sustain organizational performance.

Change Acceleration & Navigation: defined business solutions that drive clarity, focus, execution and improved alignment; individual skill development; accountability across the organization; and roadmap design for business transformation.

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ConvergentProfiler for Top Teams emotional capacity leadership styles

Emotional Capacity Assessment
A leader’s emotional capacity contributes significantly to the bottom line in any organization. Practical application and research indicate that emotional capacity distinguishes high performers from typical performers, with direct linkages to business performance.

ConvergencyPartners' assessment of emotional capacity measures emotional savvy in oneself, their know-how with others, the emotional “pulse” of the organization, and the role that leaders' emotions play in organizational and business outcomes.

The attributes measured by the Emotional Capacity Assessment set the stage for the leader to adapt and integrate the meaning of emotional dynamics as key elements in leading. When leaders are self-aware, and take the responsibility for improving their emotional capacity, they and the organization can expect better people, organizational and business outcomes.



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