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Our Difference

Our client experience is simply different. When you commit to igniting the possibilities within your Top Team and your company, you are met with a partnership that begins with you—where you are, what you need and where you want to go.

At ConvergencyPartners, we are uniquely suited to help you identify and address the issues you feel are most important to your Top Team and your organization. We have no pre-packaged solutions or agenda; rather, we provide a broader lens through which you see your untapped potential and locate strategic compass points. Together, we engage the highest order work and define the critical path for immediate and long-term business results that stick.

We know how big the journey is to better business results and breakout performance—especially in today’s dynamic business landscape. That’s why it’s our personal commitment to show up fully where you need us most, and then stay with you every step of the way.

Here are some of the ways we do what we do:

Skin in the Game. We do this work because we’re passionate about helping leaders create convergent companies. Amidst the highs and lows, we persevere with you because we know from experience the reward is worth it.

Knowledge Transfer & Guidance. Stronger Leadership comes with expanded knowledge, capabilities and accelerated impact. We firmly believe in the empowerment of our clients and their Top Teams by coaching them to lead and manage continual business transformation long after we’re gone.

Success Defined on Your Terms. When our clients ask “what defines success?” we ask, “how do you define success?

Our most rewarding work happens where Leadership, Culture and Strategy converge. Where would you like to begin?

testimonials from our clients our philosophy  

Words From Our Clients

  • "They always keep their commitments – I can trust that if there is work to be done, it will be on my desk when promised; seasoned practitioners who can contribute immediately from within the business."
  • "They keep us out of the weeds, and had the patience to push us and that it wasn’t about getting all the problems fixed today, it was about where we were taking our company"
  • "It was amazing how they involved a large part of the organization in the planning, I don’t think we would have achieved this without their help."
  • "They push me to think differently, they challenge me to be better and bring edge to the work we are doing; the consultants are terrific and the support team is terrific, they make us feel comfortable doing work with them."
  • "Their co-creative approach to our strategy had a wide level of participation, we now have a much better plan with buy-in from across our company."


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