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Strategy Overview

Effective Leadership creates a business that rapidly and continuously adapts to meet a changing business environment. In order to effectively gain a competitive advantage by recognizing and acting on emerging possibilities, the CEO—or principal strategist for the company—must constantly evolve Strategy.

Strategy involves gaining continuous insights on the external market, creating innovative alternatives, developing a business model and ensuring its design is executable. At ConvergencyPartners, we apply focus to Strategy by exploring and resolving strategic issues and opportunities together with the senior team. Realizing the integral role Culture and Leadership play with Strategy, we help transform possibilities into tangible realities.

Our Strategy services include:

Corporate & Business Strategy: a co-creative approach using a set of tested tools and analytical methods to determine the right mix of businesses; prioritize and align objectives and capabilities; and identify the systemic changes in Culture and organizational capability that are required in order to effectively deliver on Strategy.

Strategy Execution & Alignment: go-to-market plan design that defines the executive and organizational skill sets, motivations, tasks and people networks necessary to execute and sustain Strategy effectively.

Process Transformation & Measures: unites a company’s Leadership, Culture and Strategy to redesign core business processes for the greatest bottom-line performance and metrics for organizational effectiveness.

Strategic Diligence and M&A: includes an assessment of what’s needed from Leadership, Culture and Strategy in order to drive an integrated approach plan that navigates and optimizes around the potential impact and possibilities as they relate to financial, product and customer priorities.

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Theory of the Business
This framework is an application of a model described by Peter Drucker as "the theory of the business."  The central tenet of this theory is that many businesses decline and fail because the assumptions they make that form the basis for their fundamental business decisions (about society, markets, customers, products, technology, their mission, etc.) become obsolete or invalid.  Since the future is uncertain and the social environment is constantly changing, even the soundest business theories eventually become obsolete.  For this reason, every business should periodically examine their fundamental business assumptions to see if they continue to reflect the current realities they face and, if not, how they should be changed.  This model provides the organization and structure to identify and examine those assumptions and change them if necessary.  The Theory of the Business is typically used as a lead-in or data gathering mechanism on the front-end of a strategic planning exercise.        


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