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Organizational Design

A new shift in leadership to gain a competitive edge. Learn more>

Global, multifaceted, dynamic and unpredictable markets require a new shift in leading to gain a  competitive edge. Learn more >

High Performing Teams

Accelerated performance to outperform your competition.
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Learn how to create the conditions, high commitment, quality decisions and accelerated performance to outperform your competition. Learn more >

Strategy to Action

To help you recognize the gap between your original plan and its ultimate execution. Learn more >

Identify problems or opportunities affecting your ability to deliver market results.

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Strategic Advising & Coaching

To help you recognize the gap between your original plan and its ultimate execution. Learn more >

Stimulate business problem solving and allow executives to bring their best selves to the role.

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Better Customer Experience and Performance Accountability

When Redfin needed help in driving and maintaining innovation and growth in its real estate operations, we used our expertise organization design to help them achieve a better customer experience, improve overall talent growth and performance accountability.

Increased Profit and Productivity

When Cisco Systems needed to improve alignment of its core business functions with its product and services groups, they turned to ConvergencyPartners to advise their CFO and COO to plan, design and implement its cross functional operations council to improve executive effectiveness, organizational efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Best Overall Business Strategy In Market Class

In preparation for a new round of funding with its Board, Brand Networks turned to us to help in developing an end-to-end two year growth strategy inclusive of business plan, strategic sdales and go to market services plan. Now recognized by Forrester Research as the best overall business strategy in its market class.

$50 Million in EBITDA by 2012

When marketplace challenges and shifting customer needs were facing Mondi North America Industrial Bags we used our expertise in high performing leadership teams to help them embrace change and realize $50 million in EBITDA by 2021.

For over 30 years, ConvergencyPartners has been supporting companies just like yours, helping them find their way out of challenging circumstances. Situations like poor execution, arrested innovation, issues with governance and the like. Most often, what we encounter is some combination of these - making the solution far more difficult to see.

Because it’s never just one thing.  View some of the most common business issues.

cultivate high performance teams
Slow or Stalled Progress

Performance issues related to the organization's ability to sense, adapt and respond ahead of market shifts.

Unable to Scale Business

Difficulty seeing the entire picture, demands from the environment require many disciplines and points of view to be consolidated quickly and accurately.

organization design
Decision Bias

Fixing poor and ineffective decision making due to common decision biases and rationalizations by management.

Talent Quality

When the business' strategic intent has surpassed the capability of its talent.


You probably read every day that the world is changing. That the way we do business is never going to be the same. That success will belong to leaders who adapt. We take it as corporate gospel. But it’s not quite true.

The reality is that the world is always changing. So, we can ask ourselves if we are ready for the next new era in which everything will suddenly move very fast and the stakes will be very high. Or, we can be honest.

Honesty is the key to managing constant change. It is the bedrock of adaptability. It is the backbone of leadership. Honesty is what ConvergencyPartners does.

I founded ConvergencyPartners because I believe that unbiased, unfiltered perspective is essential for leadership, that leadership is essential for growth in a constantly changing world, and that growth is a shared benefit.

Experience has taught me an important lesson. Organizations that best adapt to constant change are the organizations that recognize that everything we do, positive or negative, impacts all the people and systems around us in commensurate measure. 

At ConvergencyPartners, our business is helping leaders find the sweet spot where culture, connectivity, and change meet. We turn noise into patterns , challenges into opportunities, and good executives into great executives.

We are not a big firm selling bloated packages. We are not eager-to-please coaches selling out-of-the-box-workshops. Because boilerplate management strategies and trust fall exercises do not help leaders lift up their organizations.

The world is always changing. But this promise is forever: We are nimble. We are lean. And we are ready to ask hard questions and tell hard truths if you are ready to listen. Call us. You’ll be glad you did. Honestly.


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