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Executive Coaching

Executive Assessment and Development

Executive coaching is about leadership and business effectiveness as well as personality.

The advantage of executive coaching is for the executive to learn how to bring their best selves to their role and offer maximum business impact to the organization, and to defend against executive and managerial incompetence, which by the way, the rate for each is quite high.

To do leadership effectiveness one has to take personality seriously, and not solely skill and ability improvements or advances in diverse experiences.

The ability to build and lead an effective team, one that can outperform the competition is a base definition for leadership. To realize discretionary effort, commitment and impactful outcomes, leading is about enabling those the leader is interacting with to feel and be more capable through their relationship with the leader.

Leadership is evaluated by the performance unit for which the leader is responsible. As leadership is defined by business performance, coaching’s goal is to enable the executive to create and deliver greater business value than they would do otherwise without the coaching relationship.

Coaching can be used at any time, for any situation. Often coaching is deployed at executive or manager role transitions, changes in organization, changes in business strategy

Stages we assist top executives

The stages at which we most often assist organizations manage their executive and leadership talent include:

  • CEO and top team succession
  • CEO transition
  • Executive development and ongoing coaching
  • Senior acquired talent assessment in mergers and acquisitions
  • Changing strategic talent requirements due to business shifts
  • Final candidate selection
  • Early identification of high potential employees
  • Leader On-­‐Boarding
  • Leadership success profiles/competency models

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