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High Performing Teams

There is nothing that is more critical to the health of an organization than the ability of its leaders to lead.

Right now, you may be facing issues that you recognize as hindrances to making your organization truly and functionally high performance. These might be a pervasive lack of goal orientation, deficiencies in training either professional or technical, or a generally persistent dysfunction in leadership and team alignment.

You know how critical these are and how important it is to get them right.

We understand that creating an overarching corporate purpose based on high performance involves just about every aspect of your company. Culture, strategy, synergies, design and the other essential elements will all impact execution and will require examination, development and reinvention.

But ultimately, it all starts with you, your Top Team and the other individuals whose ability to guide their own teams drive your company and its function, at its highest, most efficient level. And it needs to start now.

That’s where we come in.

Because leadership is the single, crucial component that ultimately, dictates outcomes.

Our Toolbox

Top Team Performance

Why is this important?
Game changing performance whether it means financial results, ability to succeed in the marketplace, first to innovate or efficiency, cannot be achieved and maintained without the linkage, alignment, integration and the synergy created by a healthy and effective leading team. Teams at the very top levels are in the best position to both architect and manage complex dynamics and understand and influence the connectedness of those dynamics to the other.

Leadership Performance

Why is this important?
Due to this far-reaching span of influence, not only has the leadership – performance relationship been of interest but a relationship between individual top executives or leaders and organizational performance as measured by a variety of indicators including profit, profitability, sales and stock price). Depending on the measure of performance, individual leaders can impact firm performance as much as 20% to 45%.

CEO & Executive Advisory

Why is this important?
The typical and often traditional focus of leadership/organizational performance research focus is on the top executive, typically the CEO. This perspective of leadership is often referred to as vertical leadership, where top-down influence processes and centralized decision-making is the route to “getting things done. Although a traditional approach to organizational leadership, the value and impact of transformational collective leadership is often overlooked and managed as separate, isolated approach

Most Common Issues Found with High Performance Teams and Leadership


Management team’s focus on short vs. long term priorities is out of balance.


Necessary cross-boundary work does not happen naturally or as often as it should to create the best performance outcomes.


Leadership interactions are too centralized across too few execs and managers.


Lack of trust and fluid relationships is hindering or hurting organizational performance.


No standard and effective means for the leadership team to confront and manage conflict.


No, or little standard on how a the leadership team makes decisions, has clear accountability and consequences for non-compliance.


The leadership team is not showing the right mix of capabilities, management styles and chemistry to effectively lead the organization and the business.

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