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Our Approach

So, what is it like to work with us?

Our clients, CEO’s and other Executive Team members like you, are often too close to the issues to understand how to lead their way through them. We help not only identify the opportunities, but also understand and deliver on them, without risking your existing market position.

Our methods are inclusive. We listen and we hear. We ask relevant, timely, critical questions. And then together we consider what’s at the heart of your organization and how to fine-tune for success.

Every executive deals with tough issues in a different way. We understand how difficult it can be to expose the underbelly of your organization. But we’ll work methodically with you to ferret out the real and true concerns. It may not be easy but we’re not afraid of getting our hands dirty. You shouldn’t be either.And we’re not about disruption for its own sake. We embrace the need to disrupt but not at the cost of your uniqueness, your culture or your business flow.

We’ll take each step in the process together.

We work alongside our clients honing their vision and their goals, making sure that your leadership, strategy and culture are aligned to your mission, and supported by colleagues. Only then are we able to demonstrate how to refine your strategic issues and opportunities, opening your eyes to the possibilities that exist within your company, and how best to respond competitively in the market.

The Revelation of Success

  • How do you know when your organization is successful?
  • Is it revenue growth? Is it market share? What about achievements specific to your business?
  • How do you define success? How do your competitors make this same determination? What’s your definition of ‘best’? And what’s theirs?

We’ll collaborate with you and your teams to analyze, define and determine the critical outcomes, timeframes and milestones that define your business success.We’ll ask the tough questions. You may struggle to answer but we’ll work through it together and identify the ideal solution.

No one knows more about your business than you do. You are intimate with your field, the profile and habits of your customers, your target markets, your people and what success looks like.

At ConvergencyPartners, we’ll assess all affected aspects of your corporation. Our work will encompass those functional areas of the business we’ve both determined can best benefit from examination and revision.

And even though it may not be necessary to investigate every aspect of your organization, we know that all will be affected by changes made. We understand the systemic nature of corporations, that a shift in one area will have implications in another. We also know that any modifications will impact all staff. So a part of what we deliver to you includes preparing your colleagues for a shift in leadership, business practices, methods and flow. Our primary objective is equipping you with an aligned organization that does not negatively impact your drive and your ability to innovate.

You’ll do it all without losing your edge.

And when we’re done, you’ll have a crystal clear view of your possibilities and the tools you need to realize those goals. You, your Leadership Team and your associates will be fueled by the journey we’ve taken together and only then will we be satisfied that our job is complete.

Because our success can only be measured by yours.

I've had the pleasure of working with John on multiple occasions over the last 5 years and consider him one of the most impactful people I've met over my entire career. From a business perspective, John has been instrumental in the organizational redesign and transformation at two different companies I've been a part of. His executive leadership skills, coaching and overall experience was invaluable as we navigated challenging times at growth-stage technology companies, and came out in a much better place through John's collaboration.

E.J. Freni, Chief Revenue Officer
Brand Networks

John is also hugely generous in sharing knowledge. He treats the relationship as a true partnership. In that kind of relationship, you push on each other in order to be better at what you do. We attack the issues together. We have a better solution than either of us could have created alone.

Interacting with Convergency is so easy. The folks there are terrific, and the support staff is terrific. John and the team in Kirkland have made us feel like part of the Convergency family. We have done work with them in their environment, and it feels very comfortable. I would recommend them to any of our executives.

Ann-Marie Neil, Chief Talent Officer
Cisco Systems

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