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About ConvergencyPartners

So, what is it like to work with us?

We know that each company seems unique, as do the challenges they face. But, regardless of your corporate situation, we’ve seen it before. Countless executives have turned to us to find their way through the mazes of overhauling their business processes, accelerating growth, kick starting blocked innovation, overcoming leadership challenges and managing conflict.

Some of our clients have been hampered by their inability to get out in front of shifts in their market. Are you innovating or following the market? Do you believe that you’re at risk of stagnating? Is your Leadership Team not as fully engaged as they could be? We can help.

But let’s face it, we rarely want to talk about the sorts of problems we’re up against. Once we begin, we may find things that you don’t want to hear. Or see. And, we may uncover some ugliness in your organization, issues that have been buried or overlooked. It may be a difficult process. But together, we’ll work on them.

And together we’ll fix them. And when we’re done, you’ll be a better, stronger leader with a viable business that’s able to sustain itself, compete, adapt and grow.

About John Boyle

What impact do you want to have on the world through your work?
Helping individuals, in this case executives who control important elements of an organization and have the power to influence positive change, to realize their own power and learn how to bring their better selves to their work, create the best positive outcomes for the benefit of the collective — whether it be for an individual, group, team, organization, business and/or community, sot that to create and influence the best outcomes that otherwise wouldn’t have been seen, created or influenced. It is these few people in and across businesses that have the social power to make lives and businesses better in an enduring way. If I can stimulate, reinforce and support people who serve the greater good — be it growth, profitability, brand or social influence, all the better.
What is your professional super power?
Putting myself in the heart, head and hands of another, projecting their future and leading them where they need to go to maximize their personal, social and organizational impact in alignment with their aspirations and goals to create positive business outcomes that will be revered, reinforced and rewarded.
What do you think your clients MOST appreciate about you?
Seeing the big picture and connecting the dots in a meaningful and relevant fashion; truthfulness/honesty; straight-talk/speaking truth to power; proactive foresight and intuition applied to experience and wisdom; consistency/caring — I care deeply about another’s success and the servitude and insight it takes to stay the course and ready someone to make positive change happen; and, no-fear, understanding the implications of chaos and risk and not backing down from a challenge.
What attracted you to the field of business/management consulting?
I believe that the one constant in most things is change. In the end, the root cause of outstanding and ongoing business success and failure is most often determined by those people in positions of power and more specifically, the quality of their leadership and their ability to learn and grow. My personal traits and experience come together in a way that has me “being" equal parts strategist, business person and psychologist.The fiber that binds these three together in the world of work, is the unrelenting focus on the future and the co-creation of positive outcomes be they personal, social, organizational and/or business. I know people, I know business and I know all that it takes to be effective, impactful and ultimately successful in an enduring way, i.e., I know the power of great leadership and have the know how to transfer that to others who are willing and able. I am 100% energized by influencing others to be best and create positive outcomes for themselves and the organizations for which they serve. I am willing and willing to contribute to helping make others stronger and more effective.
All industries incur change and adaptation over time. What changes do you see coming in the leadership? Top team performance?
Yes, everything changes, all of the time. Businesses, marketplaces, organizations etc are competing in an ever increasing world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. The big question is: Can leaders continue to lead in traditional ways within this environment? That is, how do CEOs and people who control stuff, change before the requirements and need to adapt are placed upon them and their organizations — for if they don’t it will likely and ultimately be too late. So adaptation is not survival — back in the old days maintaining the status quo and measured adaption were the way. Seeing the future as complex and ambiguous as it is, having the confidence to make hard decisions based on their projection, which is a combination of hard facts, strong intuition and great wisdom.

These are the characteristics upon which CEOs and those in power should be reinforced and rewarded. Can people truly change, can they get out of their own way to discard elements of themselves that inhibit change, and act in a way that creates a legacy for themselves that they in fact cannot see alone? So, the old is the new: quality of leadership. Leadership skills like sensing and sense making, systems thinking, understanding paradigm shifts, staying with uncertainty, birthing new ideas, generative conversations, creating diverse communities to add value are replacing competency based frameworks, static measurements, explicit knowledge, maintaining the status quo, best practices, skills and knowledge — etc. Leveraging the power of many rather than the few, in diverse groups, organized by and leveraged by loose networks with shared goals — creating highly performing teams around shared work. Creating organizations that foster and innovate the former rather than the latter will determine who is emergent, sustains and wins in the end.

Better, Stronger, with a More Viable Business

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