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I've had the pleasure of working with John on multiple occasions over the last 5 years and consider him one of the most impactful people I've met over my entire career. From a business perspective, John has been instrumental in the organizational redesign and transformation at two different companies I've been a part of. His executive leadership skills, coaching and overall experience was invaluable as we navigated challenging times at growth-stage technology companies, and came out in a much better place through John's collaboration.

John has been incredibly important in my own personal growth and development as a leader and an executive. I've continued to seek his guidance and council on many occasions and consider him a trusted mentor. I can't say enough great things about John and what he brings to the table as both an executive and a person.

Trust, transparency, straight-talk, and an unwavering commitment to delivering on business objectives, make John truly one of the best.

E.J. Freni, Chief Revenue Officer
Brand Networks


John Boyle has been an invaluable advisor and friend for years now since we first had the opportunity to work together to drastically restructure a fledgling company. John's ability to work with leadership teams to build out a strategic direction and guide them through impactful change management is unparalleled. In the months I directly worked with him I has on a hockey stick of professional growth; he struck the perfect balance between pushing and supporting.

What I appreciate most about John though is that he doesn't stop when an engagement does; he views the relationships he developes as life-long. After the engagement finished, he continued to invest in me, providing me with invaluable guidance as I worked on my own start-up and after when I took on a new role as COO in a high-growth company.

I anxiously await the time where I will have the opportunity to work day-to-day with him again, but in the meantime, I will continue to appreciate the indispensable ongoing support he provides. The impact John has had on my career is immeasurable.

Kevin Barhaydt, VP Sales & Operations


What impresses you most about ConvergencyPartners?

First, I would say the ability to challenge people to a higher level of thinking. Secondly,while John had the ability to take us to a higher level, he and his team also “rolled up their sleeves,” and helped us do the work. Thirdly,they involved a large part of the company for the planning, the buy-in, and the development. That was amazing. I don’t think we could have achieved this without John’s help.

I would definitely recommend Convergency as a partner to anyone needing to take their company in a new direction. That is what leadership and high level planning is all about. I needed a game-changing strategy, and that required a new, higher level of thinking with no biases. John “fit the bill.” He kept us out of the weeds. He had the patience to push us, to make us realize that it was not about getting all the problems fixed today. Rather, it was about addressing where we could take our Company. At the end of the day, we would not be where we are without John.

Craig Damos, Chairman, President & CEO
The Weitz Company


What attributes of John inspired people to trust him?

That trust comes from several things. John is real and practical in his approach. He builds honest relationships with people, and then rolls up his sleeves and dives into the work, holding himself equally accountable for the problem you are trying to solve.

John is also hugely generous in sharing knowledge. He treats the relationship as a true partnership. In that kind of relationship, you push on each other in order to be better at what you do. We attack the issues together. We have a better solution than either of us could have created alone.

Interacting with Convergency is so easy. The folks there are terrific, and the support staff is terrific. John and the team in Kirkland have made us feel like part of the Convergency family. We have done work with them in their environment, and it feels very comfortable. I would recommend them to any of our executives.

Ann-Marie Neil, Chief Talent Officer
Cisco Systems


I’ve worked with John for a number of years to help develop and execute long term strategies for my group. He’s great at helping you determine the best path forward via asking the hard questions and lifting the conversation to the big issues that are going to drive your business. But he doesn’t just help with developing a roadmap, he’s a great guide in terms of executing each step of the plan.

Scott Nagel, President of Real Estate Operations


I have had the privilege of working with John in two different companies. In both cases, John fully immersed himself in the team and used his acute powers of observation to quickly assess the players and identify what was needed to get the leadership team operating as one. This was no easy task given the personalities and egos but they were ultimately no match for John, who drove hard on jointly-agreed ground rules, purpose, communication cadence and exclusive leadership team work focus.

In some cases, this led to the difficult but much needed discussions on the values and fit of some of the people. He continued to work, almost as part of the team, ensuring there was adherence to what had been agreed and encouraging more self and team reflection as a means to drive greater cohesiveness and effectiveness. John was a true leadership partner who can add immediate and visible value to leadership teams.

Mark Ushpol, VP North American Industrial Bags


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